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Tai Chi Chuan also known as Taijiquan or simply Taiji, evolved from the art of Qigong approximatelDragon Wally 1200-1500 years ago, and is governed by the same principles as it's much more ancient predecessor. The exquisite art of Qigong is thought to have evolved approximately 5,000 years ago. Taijiquan first originated as a martial discipline, but is most commonly practiced today for it’s amazingly healthful and scientifically proven benefits. The most important distinguishing features of both Taijiquan and Qigong are that they can be implemented in three different disciplines. Regardless of the participant's inspiration be it Martial, Medicinal, or Spiritual, each practitioners “intent” determines their path.

Beihai ParkTaijiquan's slow, graceful, movements simultaneously heal the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body, while being performed in a completely focused yet relaxed attitude. Most practitioners of the art know it as “moving form of meditation”. Taiji forms involve a series of choreographed martial postures that flow seamlessly together like a slow motion dance. Done in a precise order, they assist in facilitating circulation, energy flow, fitness, relaxation and mental acuity.

Taiji encompasses a great plethora of styles and forms, and during its long history, many interpretations of these styles have emerged, resulting in numerous variations of form.

The five major styles prevalent within Taiji today are those of the Chen, Yang, Wu, Sun, and Hao families. The long forms of Taiji usually consist of 108 movements, yet many other derivations exist today.

Slowness and ease of movement, governed by the breath, lead many to believe that Taiji is more for Senior Citizens. Such is not the case. Athletes find greater balance, flexibility, and more connectedness on a mind- body level through the practice of Taijiquan. Corporations see that Taiji improves productivity by helping employees remain healthy, relaxed and more creative, whilst schools find Taijiquan triggers improved concentration and higher test scores. Physicians find Taiji’s ability to relieve Stress extremely advantageous. Anyone can benefit greatly from the practice of Taijiquan's and Qigong's ancient healthcare modality.

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