Instructors Twin Falls/Sun Valley

Blakely Dulling

BLAKELY DULLING'S endeavors in the “Internal” arts of China have spanned more than four and a half decades. As an active member of The National Qigong Institute, The Qigong Alliance International, The National Qigong Association, The National Taijiquan Association, and The International Yang Family Taijiquan Association, Blakely is currently both Internationally and Nationally accredited/ranked as a Master Instructor of Yichuan (Meditation), Qigong (Energy Work) and Taijiquan.  Known as an "adept" in it's Martial application,   BLAKELY'S  INSTRUCTION PRIMARILY FOCUSES UPON HEALTH MAINTENANCE, FITNESS, AND WELLNESS. HIS TEACHINGS EMPHASIZE THE GREATEST DIVERSITY AND PROFOUNDLY HEALTHFUL BENEFITS EXPERIENCED FROM THE DILIGENT PRACTICE OF YICHUAN, QIGONG AND TAIJIQUAN.

Blakely was previously employed as a United States Nationally Certified Sign Language Interpreter/Transliterator for more than 30 years. His employment was inclusive of The National Technical Institute for the Deaf Rochester, New York... Rochester Institute of Technology... The University of Rochester ... Monroe Community College (State University of New York)... The University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, ... The National Olympic Training Center, Colorado Springs... The United States Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs... Pike's Peak Fine Arts Center, Colorado Springs... Pike's Peak Community College, Colorado Springs... and The Colorado State School for the Deaf and Blind, Colorado Springs. Blakely also served as a volunteer Observer- Fire/Storm Watch, Wildlife Management, Search & Rescue, and Park Ranger for North Cheyenne Canon Park, Seven Falls, and Pike National Forest, Colorado Springs. 

Sharing the arts of Yi Chuan, Qigong, and Taijiquan throughout the western United States and Canada , Blakely previously resided and taught in Colorado Springs, Colorado, founding the "Taijiquan/Qigong Organization of Colorado Springs" in 1982. Upon his recent re-location to Idaho, most of his time is now spent in the Twin Falls/Sun Valley, Idaho and Colorado Springs, Colorado areas affording "individualized instruction", group classes, corporate/private seminars  and workshops. His accredited/ranked Senior Instructors located in Colorado Springs, Denver, Monument, Pueblo, La Junta, Fowler, and Woodland Park Colorado  are available for seminars, workshops, and "individualized instruction" on a case- by- case basis.

Dragon Wall

Blakely's teaching philosophy has always reflected his belief, adherence, and devotion to the time-honored "traditional" training of his Masters, and the ideal that "A teacher who is not a student is neither."




                           RANKED/ACCREDITED INSTRUCTORS

                                         COLORADO SPRINGS/ DENVER/ MONUMENT
                                      PUEBLO/ FOWLER/ LA JUNTA, WOODLAND PA


SIFU DR. TERRY SHWARTZ, Phd. Associate Vice Chancellor, University of Colorado
                                                          Colorado Springs, Colorado

              SIFU DR. JASON ARBLE, DVM, MS, American College of Veterinary Radiology

                                                            Denver, Colorado

                          SIFU DR. MICHELLE POST, Phd. Professor and Author
                                                            Monument, Colorado 


                     SIFU GUY DUTRA-SILVERA, Director, Pikes Peak Center on Aging                                                                                                           Colorado Springs                                                                                       


                     SIFU THEODORE SCHWARTZ, President, Capstone Financial
                                                      Colorado Springs, Colorado                              


                      SIFU BONNIE JENSEN, Proprietor, Jensen's Blue Ribbon
                                           Pueblo/ Fowler/ La Junta, Colorado


                         SIFU JERRY JENSEN, Proprietor, Jensen's Blue Ribbon
                                           Pueblo/ Fowler/ La Junta, Colorado


                          SIFU PATRICIA BAUGH, Analyst, Homeland Security
                                              Colorado Springs, Colorado


                            SIFU JORDAN RUNNING, CFO Whitewing Corp.
                                         Colorado Springs, Colorado


                                SIFU KENNETH HEDBERG, Contractor

                                  Colorado Springs, Colorado